Samsung S10 System Touch Sounds have changed with the April Update

Recently Samsung released a software update for the Galaxy S10 series that included and update for the performance of the camera and the stability of the WiFi. It also included the April 1 Security Patch. (Update version on S10+ G975FXXU1ASD5)

I perfomed the update quite late in the evening while my phone was on silent and as soon as the phone rebooted I was able to see the updates to the camera i.e the addition of Night Mode.

Something I didn’t notice until the following morning when my phone was off silent was how different my phone sounded every time I press a button or tap the screen… I rebooted my phone thinking it was a software glitch… Nope my phone still sounded odd.. I figured Samsung had changed the Touch Sound by default with no way to revert back to the old one…

The system touch sound found in Settings > Sounds and vibration > System sounds and vibration > Touch sound is a sound the phone makes every time you touch a button or tap the screen on a an icon etc.

Samsung Touch Sound Settings
Samsung Touch Sound Settings

In previous software versions the sound has been subtle, soft and short, to let you know that you have tapped the screen. The new sound that Samsung has forced upon us is loud, annoying and way too long for a touch sound.

If Samsung plans to make big changes to something users are so used to (like the touch sound) they need to have customization options so that way the user can either revert back to their old setting / sound or choose between multiple options that are not as annoying.

Turning off the Touch Sound is not a solution Samsung! Maybe if you implement system wide haptic feedback then the touch sounds can be turned off.

Some users have also complained on the Samsung Forum (Link)

An example of this sound can be heard on the YouTube Video below by YouTube Channel Snake

What do you think about the new touch sound? Do you find it annoying?

Personally I am hoping Samsung fixes this ASAP as it’s making me question whether I will continue to use the S10+. Samsung always likes to tweak things after they have released a new product and often times it breaks things that work…

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