Samsung Galaxy S10 – System UI isn’t responding FIX

It appears that the latest Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Update described by SamMobile as the March Software Update (Software Version: G970FXXU1ASCA / G975FXXU1ASCA) is causing the System UI to crash.

I started experiencing these issues after I did the software update on the weekend and by doing a quick google search I was able to find information posted by a Reddit user ( u/ruemorgue9 ) who was also experiencing the same issues.

As the reddit user suggests this update might have an issue with Video Wallpapers on the lock screen and this is potentially what is causing the phone to crash right after the phone is unlocked.

Coincidentally the week before I had downloaded a Video Wallpaper from reddit for my Lock Screen and I had no problems up until I did the update.

I quickly changed my wallpaper to a standard wallpaper and the problem went away! Thank you Reddit user ruemorgue9

I wanted to share this on my blog in case anyone else was experiencing the issue.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10 – System UI isn’t responding FIX

  1. Thank you! This has been an issue for over a month for me. Changed out my lock screen vid wallpaper and no more ui problems.

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